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The March 23rd Sicky Report!

March 28th, 2014

So on Wednesday my wife started coming down with a nasty cold. I put up my purell defense shields too late and got hit with it Thursday. I can count on one hand the amount of times my wife and I have been full blown miserable-sick simultaneously. It’s normally an extra nightmare because of taking care of the kids, but it became extra difficult because my parents came in to stay with us through the weekend and we had plans on Friday for Leah’s birthday as well as plans to celebrate my parent’s 50th Anniversary (which was technically last Valentine’s Day) on Saturday. So between the plans, parties, and houseguests we had a great time but got ALMOST NO REST WHAT-SO-EVER so we’re both still pretty miserably sick. On the upshot because we couldn’t take my parents out for their anniversary we stayed in with a takeout feast from our favorite Sushi place! Ah, raw fish. It beats chicken soup for soothing a cold! For me. It works for me, I’m not advising it for the general populace. Actually when I say it out loud it sounds down-right stupid. The wasabi does clear the sinuses… moving on…

There was also a mistake in Friday’s comic. Most of you probably wouldn’t even notice or care. But for those of you who soak up every clue and breadcrumb I fit into a strip, I have mislead you. The last week of comics have been so critical, I feel terrible for possibly causing lots of incorrect speculation by one error in Friday’s comic. In my defense I was working under the gun Wednesday to get the Thursday and Friday comics done before the impending sick-doom hit.

The mistake was the card displaying the picture of Darryl Domeyer that K’z'k holds. This was a time-saving move on my part. When K’Z'K refers to ‘all the human trafficking’ that will be happening, he wouldn’t know with photographic certainty how that would go down. The web is more like guidelines and he doesn’t know exactly what Queen Siphaniana is seeing in the future. He is keeping an ear to the tracks as it were…

I DID think it was important to indicate to the reader the ‘human trafficking’ as K’Z'K calls it, is referign to Darryl Domeyer and the other ‘Ordained’. So grabbing the existing art was an easy way out as I raced the sick-clock. I apologize if it makes anyone’s head explode… y’know, more than usual… and only because this was unintentional.

In any case I intend to retcon the image out with an appropriately vague one later. I also will allow my self one day of rest (Monday the 23rd) and try to work through the rest of the week best as I can. But that means filler strips for both Monday and Tuesday. I never run filler flippantly and HATE running it on a Monday but like the Bug, I’ve gotta play the cards I’m dealt.

UPDATE: Here’s the fix!
Now it suggests imprisonment and the ‘release’ symbol, without the specifics. FIXED!

Welcome to the New Sluggy.com Beta website!

June 25th, 2013

This is the new prototype website for Sluggy.com. Please take a look around and help us debug it. If you see any errors please let us know.

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